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Timothy MacLeod, God of the Dolphin, Supervisor

Timothy Macleod

Timothy Macleod

PROGRAMS: 9&10 Swim team, Leaders, Masters, Social Coordinator

ABOUT ME: HEY VALOIS!!!!!!!!! My name is Timothy MacLeod, I am 19 and I’ll be returning for my third summer at Valois!!! I am a Super(man)visor this summer!!
I just finished my second year in Sciences at John Abbott. In September I will be starting at McGill in Material Engineering. In my free time I enjoy brewing Kombucha (TimBucha™), going to the gym, doing yoga, hanging out with friends, basket weaving, sleeping and thinking about the summer!!!This summer I am doing 9&10 swim team, Masters, Leaders and I am also the pool’s event coordinator. That means I’ll be organizing all the events and hosting Valois News! I can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces!!! Looking forward to getting my sin/cos (math joke) on!!!!!Summer can’t come fast enough!!!!!

FAVOURITE TV SHOW/MOVIE: Grace and Frankie and Black Panther
FAVOURITE DRINK ON A COLD MORNING: Extra large coffee with two shots of espresso
SECRET TALENT: I am really good at identifying fish and I can sleep with my eyes open