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lineMeet the staff and find out more about this year’s team! Presenting the lifeguards, instructors and coaches for the season! Check back to find out more about your children’s swimming instructor, their team coaches, and what to bring the life guards during the FEED THE LIFEGUARD week!

Erik Nagy

Erik Nagy, Assistant Manager

Programs:11&12 and Water Polo Bio: HELLO VALOIS PEEPS, I am back for my 6th summer as an assistant manager ! I am super excited for this summer and I believe it will be once again the best summer ever ! ...
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Jamie Lynn

Jamie Lynn, Intermediate

Programs: Synchro, Aquafit & Diving Bio: Hey Valois! This is my second summer at Valois and I can’t wait to be back in the sun with all of you! I’m currently in my second semester of Sciences at John Abbott ...
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Charles Millette

Charlo, Junior

Programs: Swim team and Junior Waterpolo Bio: Hey Valois! I’m super stoked to be coming back for my second summer as a guard! I am completing 11th grade in Sport-Études at École Secondaire Des Sources and will be attending John ...
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Julie Weber

Julie Weber, Assistant Manager

Programs: Synchro Bio: Hi Valois Dolphins! My name is Julie and I’ll be returning for my second summer at Valois, this time as one of your assistant managers. I just finished my second year in Atmospheric Sciences at McGill. I ...
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Maya Vacante

Maya Vacante, Instructor

Programs: Guppies and synchro lessons Bio: Hi valois! My name is Maya, I’m 15 years old and this will be my very first summer at Valois Pool as an instructor. I’m very excited because this summer I will be apart ...
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Eric Pelletier

Eric Pelletier, Intermediate

Programs: Water Polo and floater for swim team Hey Valois! My name is Eric Pelletier (aka Erc Pelatere), and I’m so excited to be back at the best pool in the world for my 3rd summer as a lifeguard! I ...
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Vanessa Esposito

Vanessa Esposito, Senior

Programs: Masters and 8 and under swim team Bio: Hey Valois friends!! My name is Vanessa and I am so excited to be coming back to Valois for my third summer. I was not able to work at the pool ...
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Sophie Neely

Sophie Neely, Junior

Programs: Guppies Bio: Hey Valois! My name is Sophie and I am 17 years old. This will be my second year at Valois! I'm in grade 11 at Collège de Montréal. I'm super excited to spend this upcoming summer at ...
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Brooke Bellas

Brooke Bellas, Junior

Programs: Synchro and Aquafit Bio: Hey Valois! My name is Brooke and I’m super excited to return to the pool for my second summer as a junior! I’m 17 years old, I just graduated from Villa Maria High School and ...
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Lauren Pugsley

Lauren Pugsley, Senior

Programs: Diving, U8 swim team Bio: Hey friends! I’m Lauren and here I am again for my fourth summer at Valois! I’m super stoked to be back again this summer as the head of diving, and this summer I get ...
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Emmanuel Goyer

Emmanuelle Goyer, Junior

Programs: Aquafit and Junior Leaders Bio: Salut les amis!! My name is Emma, and I am 18 years old. I am super excited to be coming back for my 2nd summer at Valois, and I will be returning as a ...
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Justin Brodbeck

Justin Brodbeck, Senior Supervisor

Programs: Lifesaving, Diving, Jr. Jr. Water Polo Bio: Hey Valois Pool!! My name is Justin and this is my 5th summer as a lifeguard at the pool. I’m super pumped to see you all again and to have another great ...
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Kate Genge

Kate Genge, Senior

Programs: Head of Guppies and Senior Leaders Bio: Hey Valois!! My name is Kate and I’m 18 years old. It’ll be my third year at Valois and I’m super excited to be the head of guppies again and to be ...
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Elie Bernard

Élie Bernard, Senior Supervisor

Programs: Waterpolo and Leaders Bio: Hey what’s up guys! My name is Élie and this summer, it’ll be my fourth summer at the pool. I’m super pumped to be back in the water and to see all your beautiful faces! ...
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Jacob Szekula

Jacob Szekula, Instructor

Programs: Guppies, Junior Water Polo Bio: Hey Valois! I’m Jacob, I’m 15 years old, and this’ll be my first summer on staff as an instructor, and I’m super excited!! This summer, I’ll be doing the guppies program along with coaching ...
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Kyle Douglas

Kyle Douglas, Junior

Programs: 9-10 Swim team & Junior Water Polo!!! Bio: Hey Valois! My name is Kyle, and this is my second year at Valois, and I'm going to be a junior! I'm really excited to be back at Valois and spend ...
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Matt Lapierre

Matthew Lapierre, Manager

Programs: 11-12 Swim Team Hey Valois! My name is Matt Lapierre, I’m 21 years old and I’ll be returning this summer for my seventh year at Valois! It’ll be my second year managing and I’m excited to do it again ...
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Timothy MacLeod

Timbo MacLeod, Sẽnor

Programs: 8&Under Swim team Bio: HEY VALOIS!!!!!!!!! My name is Timothy MacLeod, I am 18 and I’ll be returning for my second summer at Valois!!! I am a Sẽnor this summer!! I just finished my first year in Sciences at ...
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Camille Deschamps

Camille Deschamps, Junior

Programs: Synchro and Synchro Lessons Bio: Hey Valois!! My name is Camille, i’m 17 years old and i’ll be returning to Valois for my second summer as a junior! I’m currently finishing my last year of High School at College ...
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Florence Campbell

Flo Campbell, Senior

Programs: Water Polo and 9-10 Swim Team Bio: Hey Valois!! I’m extremely excited to be coming back for my 4th summer here at valois pools. I am now 18 years old, and i am extremely excited to be coming back ...
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Emily Hamilton

Emily Hamilton, Senior Supervisor

Programs: 13+ Swim Team & Masters Bio: Hey friends! My name is Emily and this will be my 4th summer at Valois. I am head of swim team and I will be coaching the 13-14s for the first time this ...
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Mia Scarpallegia

Mia Scarpaleggia, Intermediate

Programs: 9-10 Swim Team and Synchro Bio: Hey Valois! My name is Mia and I’m super excited to be coming back for another great summer! I’m looking forward to having an awesome time with the 9-10 swim team and the ...
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Emily Fraser

Emily Fraser, Intermediate

Programs: Synchro and Junior Leaders! Hey Valois! My name is Emily, I am 17 years old and I will be an Intermediate this summer! This year I have the pleasure of coaching synchro and Junior Leaders! I am super excited ...
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Elise Cormier

Élise Cormier, Junior

Programs: Guppies and Synchro lessons Bio: Hey Valois! This is my first year here as a junior and I'm pretty hyped about it. I've always been a fan of summer pools. I mean, I've had a membership since I was ...
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