2015 Week 2

Check-out the latest video from the guards!

We have our 1st wacky Wednesday this week! It’s dunk the guard. Tickets are 1 for 25¢ or 5 for 1$.

This week

  • We’re hosting Beaurepaire for water polo on Monday night, so the pool will close for the evening (but passes are available if you want to visit another outdoor pool).
  • Swim team is going to Lakeshore on Wednesday
  • Water polo is at Lakeside on Thursday
  • We’re hosting Cedar for diving on Sunday, so the pool may open later than usual this morning

The masters practices for the upcoming week will be on Thursday night from 8pm – 9pm and Sunday night from 8pm – 9 pm.

And don’t forget to pickup your tickets beforehand for Family Pub Night on Friday! The pool will be closing at 6pm for this event. We still need volunteers to make this event a success so please sign-up at the pool chalet, and contact Michele or Sheri if you have any questions.