2015 Week 8

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Wacky Wednesday continues this week!

Please remember to make a contribution to he coaches gift, we’ve had an amazing season and they deserve to be recognized for all their hard work.

On August 26th we’ll be having our Awards Night and Closing BBQ. If you have any photos you’d like to see in a slide show please submit them as soon as possible. Individual photos can be emailed but if you have more than a few photos please bring them on a USB key or use Dropbox (or a similar service) to share them.

This week

  • Tuesday the Synchro Solo and Duets competition is at PVPC
  • Thursday the Synchro swimmers competition will be at Viking
  • Saturday is Swimming Finals at Lakeshore
  • Saturday evening is the Adult pub night at Valois, the pool will close for the evening but passes are available for other outdoor pools
  • Sunday is the start of post-season, so the pool will only open at 12pm

Remember that post-season begins on Sunday so the pool will only be open as of 12pm; and that Awards Night and Closing BBQ are on August 26th. The pool will remain open until August 30th.