2016 On-line Registration

Instructions when registering for Valois Pool:

  1. Go to the Amilia website: https://www.amilia.com/store/en/valoispool/shop/programs and click on Sign up (top right).
  2. Go to your email to receive your sign up confirmation. Click the link they gave you to confirm your email, you can then proceed with sign up by clicking continue.
  3. Click on find an organization. Type in Piscine Valois Pool. Click on link provided.
  4. Once you have selected the organization, click on the link to shop.
  5. Choose a membership type (Pointe-Claire resident and Non-resident). Click add, fill in information. This is your principal account holder. You will need to purchase a membership for every member you are registering (Discount is given at check-out, do not be alarmed).
  6. You will need to keep adding a member until you have added all desired amount of members to your membership (depends on type).
  7. Press on continue Shopping.
  8. Go to Teams and Activities, choose all your programs and/or lessons for every member on your membership. You must purchase all members in one session. You cannot suspend registration and work on it at a later time.
  9. Follow all prompts from this point on. You will be asked to fill out a form for each member in your membership. Make sure you have pictures ready to download for each member and all medicare cards for the required members. You will not be able to check-out without this information.
  10. If you are paying by cheque, your registration will not be complete and your membership will not be activated until we receive your payment.
  11. If you are paying by credit card a $2 convenience fee will be charged for each person.

IMPORTANT: For family and 2 person memberships: Each individual must have a membership in their name. For example, for every person in the family membership you will purchase a family membership. That way everyone has a membership in their name. The discount will be applied at checkout and you will only be charged the one fee.

Also, a $2 convenience fee will be charged for each membership at checkout (4 members in a family=$8 at checkout).

If you experience any problems while registering please email membership@piscinevaloispool.ca, we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

*** To request a specific lesson time please see the lifeguards during pre-season. It will be difficult to change times once the schedule is made.