Volunteer cooks for Swim Meet BBQ’s

We are desperately looking for someone that would like to be in charge of running the BBQ during our home swim meets.  This is a great way to volunteer for your pool and to make our swim meets better!  You do not need to do this alone!  Grab some friends to help you out!

This will position will involve purchasing, preparing and cooking the food.  You will be reimbursed for all purchases made.  It can be as simple as hamburgers and hotdogs or you can get fancier if you wish!  In the past we have offered chilli and pulled pork along side the hamburgers and hotdogs, it is your call!

The dates of our home meets are July 6, 13 and August 3 If you are unable to commit to all three dates, pick the ones that you can do and we can work around it!

Please contact Jennifer Aubin or Alex Wilson.