Additional Information for ALPS Synchro Competition August 16th

Here’s the information we received from Beacon Hill.

The Organizing Committee welcomes you to Beacon Hill for the 2018 ALPS Synchro Team Competition Thursday August 16th.
Here is a google link for the location of the pool
There will be parking space available in the parking lot at the pool, except the front row which is reserved for the judges.
There is also a parking lot at the baseball diamond, just south of the pool, and at the school next door.
Parking on the street is permitted but please respect the signs and park only on one side of the street to allow for emergency vehicles to get through.
2:30pm   Volunteers’ meeting with Coordinator
2:30-2:45pm   Warm-up for Junior pre-swimmers and Jr. “B” teams
2:45-3:00pm   Warm-up for Jr. “A” teams
2:50pm   Coaches’ meeting
3:00pm   Start of the competition with 2 pre-swimmers, a brief judges’ meeting, Jr. “B” teams and Jr. “A” teams
Approximately 5:00pm   Supper break for 45 minutes
-Sr. team warm-up
-Jr. team awards and trophy presentation
Approximately 6:00pm   Competition resumes with Sr. teams followed by Sr. team awards and trophy presentation
Great food will be available at reasonable prices.
Teams will be located next to the chalet at Beacon Hill Park.
A PDF of the area can be seen below: 2018 Synchro Map
Good luck to all the synchro swimmers!!