Info for Synchro Competition August 16th

2017 Sychro gold medalists
2017 Sychro gold medalists

All the synchro girls need to meet at Valois on Thursday August 16th at 11 AM with their hair supplies such as the purchased packets, a bowl and a paintbrush. If they didn’t purchase a packet (which they still may), they must bring small and large elastics, bun pins and bobby pins as well as a hairnet.

Makeup will be provided by the pool.

Please bring snacks and water as long as this will be a very long day.

Junior A and B teams must be at Beacon Hill pool (map) by 2pm and Seniors at 4pm.

The order of the competition is Junior B, Junior A, Supper Break and then Senior teams.

Reminder: Any girl with their team suit at home MUST bring it for tomorrow.