Week 5 – July 23 to July 29

All Smiles at Guppie Meet
All Smiles at Guppie Meet

Wacky Wednesday continues this week! Don’t miss your chance to get wacky!!!

The Synchro Wine Raffle continues, only $2 for a chance to win a case of wine!!! Get your tickets from a synchro swimmer.

Monday: Start of the 2nd session – children are automatically enrolled in the next session, please check the lesson board in the chalet to find out their times and instructors

Wednesday: Swim meet at Westmount (map)

Thursday: Water-polo play-offs at Baie d’Urfe (map)

Friday: Guppies Meet at Valois – fun and games and lunch for our youngest swimmers with the their friends from other pools

Saturday: Bantam water-polo tournament at Beacon Hill (map)

Sunday: Diving meet at Cedar (map)

Sunday evening: BINGO night at Valois!