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Charles “Charlo” Millette, lil bit of evrythangggg

Charles Millette
Charles Millette

Programs: Love and Positivity

Saluut la visite!!! Yes, the rumors are true. Your favourite guard will be returning this summer as head of a lil bit of evereythanggggg. Word around town is that the winter frost is heading north and the summer heat is in our horizon. Valois pool is the place to be and I better see all of you there ready to rock and roll. After an exhausting two year passage at the John Abbott school of Education, i’m packing my bags and heading to….Texas!


FAVOURITE DRINK ON A COLD MORNING: Cold Brew from Starbucks. 3milks, 1 sugar, NON-dairy and best be NON-phat

COOLEST TRIP/EXPERIENCE: Parking a car with Brooke!

SECRET TALENT: Biting my own ear

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