We need volunteers to help close the pool

Unfortunately the end of the season is upon us and Monday September 2 will be the last day the pool is open. It’s also the day we put everything away and close-up the building.

Starting at 3pm on Monday we need to:

  1. Takedown the fiesta tents;
  2. Ensure that the canteen is clean and empty of any food/crumbs;
  3. Ensure that the drink machine is empty;
  4. Store all deck chairs in the washrooms;
  5. Store all BBQ’s in washrooms;
  6. Pile the pic-nic tables;
  7. Remove and store the pool ladders, and all deck equipment in the cage; and,
  8. Close up the shack for the season.

If you can spare a bit of time on Monday to come help out it would be greatly appreciated.