Booking System FAQ

Great to see so many people enjoying pool! Thank you for your patience and understanding – together we’ll make this summer awesome!!!

The Step-by-Step Guide has been updated with a few Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any questions about the system please check there first!

How do I reserve a 90 minute slot for the coming week?
Instructions for the reservation system are posted on the pool’s website in the Member’s Guide menu or in the right-hand sidebar.

How soon after I register with the city can I book times at Valois?
The city sends us a list at the end of the day and we may take a day or two to enter them (depending on volume and our availability). You will receive a Welcome Email from Omnify as soon as we create your account.

I never received my Welcome Email!?
Please wait at least 48 hours after registering with the city. If you still haven’t received your Welcome Email please contact us since we send the email to the address on file with the city so it may be outdated or incorrect.

I cancelled my reservation but now I can’t reserve another time?
Make sure you cancel for all members of your family, not just yourself. From your profile you can see all members of your family and the times they are booked.