News and registration information for summer 2021

Hello Valois Pool Community,

Summer is quickly ap­proaching and we are getting ready for yet another unconven­tional season.

This year, membership and registration for programs and lessons will be done on the Amilia website as of May 22 at 

 The Covid-19 pandemic and the go­vernment restrictions currently in place will once again have an impact on the services  that we can offer to members. Please review the following overview of these impacts.   


We are pleased to say that this year we will be able to operate programs provided we limit the number of participants in the pool to meet health and safety regulations. Above all, our goal is to ensure each pool member has a chance to participate in at least one program activity and one lesson activity per week this summer. 

We invite all members to reg­ister for the programs and lessons in which they hope to participate and to ide­ntify an order of preference should they decide to register for multiple progra­ms. For example: 

#1 Syn­chro (most preferred)

#2 Water-polo

#3 Swim Team

#4 Diving (least preferred)

Registering this way will not automatically mean that members will be able to participate in all activities for which they register. Depending on demand, members may have access to one lesson and one program session per we­ek or they may have access to more if there is space to accommodate them. The deadline to register in programs and lessons is June 15th. The staff will then plan the program groups and members will be advised of the programs in which they will be able to participate by June 25th

Free swim

Once again this year, members will need to reserve spots for free swim and the pool will be able to accommodate a maximum of 36 swimmers per 50-minute sess­ion. Free swim sessions will become available for reservation on Amilia one week before they are scheduled. Under the present restrictions members will be permitted to reserve 2 free swim sessions per week. 

Program activities

A number of adjustments have been made to programs this summer so that we can respect current government restrictions. These include:

  • For swimming lesson levels “white”, “green”, “yellow” and “red”, a parent will be required to ac­company a child in the water at all times.
  • A “blue” swimming level is a required to participate in Swim Team, Diving, Wa­ter-Polo and Synchro­nized Swimming.
  • ALPS (Association of Lakeshore pools) has cancelled all comp­etitions for the 2021 season. As such, Valois will not be particip­ating in any competi­tions this summer.
  • Program and lesson participants aged 11 and up cannot be accompa­nied in the pool area during program­s.

General health and safety measures

A number of health and safety measures will also be in place and enforced throughout the summer. These are as follows:

  • The minimum age to participate in free swim unaccompanied by an adult is 12 years old. Both the child and the accompanying adult will need their own reservation to access the pool area;
  • Masks must be worn at all times on the pool deck. We require that they be the last th­ing that swimmers remove before entering the water and the first thing they put on upon exiting the water;
  • Food and drinks will not be permitted in the pool area with the ex­ception of water bot­tles; and,
  • The baby pool will not be open this su­mmer.


Members must register and sign up for activities on the Amilia website at

Membership rates have been modified to reflect reduced services due to restr­ictions. Memberships will need to be purchased for every individual member according to the following fee schedule:

  • Pointe Claire residents: $40 per member to a maximum of $16­0 per family. Pointe-Claire residents must provide their MULTI card number in order to register.
  • Non-residents: $50 per member to a maximum of $200 per family. Please note that persons who are not residents of Pointe Claire will only be permitted to purchase a membership in 2021 if they were members in either 2019 or 2020. 
  • A family consists of all the people residing at the same address. Families of 5 or more should contact the membership director at in order to receive the membership fee rebate.

 A membership card will be required to access the pool area for every activity (including lessons, programs, and free swim). Every member who registers before June 15 will be able to pick up their free membership card directly at the pool as of June 19. Members who register after June 15 will need to present their membership card on their mobile device using the Amilia app or print their own membership card from the Amilia website.

Please note that this website will be updated with the correct links and information for Summer 2021 over the next few days, so your patience is appreciated.