Pool Access: We’re trying something new!

We are now completing our fourth week of the season and second week of programs.

In order to improve the pool experience for our members we have decided to try a new system for free swim over the weekend.

On Saturday, July 10 and Sunday, July 11, there will be no reservation blocks. Members are welcome to come at the time they desire and stay for as long as they want. We will be sending an email through Amilia for the people who had reservations.

Guards at the gate will log entry and departure time in order to track contacts. They will also give members a stamp depending on their time of arrival.

This will be used to rotate members if the pool is at capacity, members who have been there for a longer period of time will be given a departure time to allow new members to enjoy the pool.

The goal of this test weekend it to allow people to enjoy the pool over a longer period of time and arrive at their convenience.

We would like to remind members that although changes are made it is still not permitted to eat on the pool premises.