The aqua fitness program offers adults of all ages and fitness levels a cool, pleasant workout in the water. Each session features a warm-up, an easy aerobic routine, abdominal exercises and a cool-down. Everyone can work at their own pace and the Oldies music brings back memories of summers past.

Bronze Medallion/Bronze Cross

Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross are available to all members 13 and over, who are interested in learning everything about first aid. After completion of the course, students will have achieved the first steps necessary in becoming a certified lifeguard, as well as have gained knowledge that can be applied in everyday lives such as first aid and CPR. An additional fee is required for a pocket mask, national lifesaving society handbook and for the final examination.


Teens and kids age 12 and up meet and participate in the life of the pool with the Leaders programme. They are encouraged to help out with swimming lessons, babysit during aqua fitness and in the canteen. They organize hotdog lunches and pancake breakfast every week to raise money for a year-end activity. The programme is designed to encourage young adolescents to take part in pool activities. Leaders will learn responsibility by helping lifeguards perform simple tasks around the pool and by helping organize events and fundraisers. It is not all work; Leaders may have weekly outings such as movies, mini putt, bowling and dances. The leaders also have an end-of-season outing. As you can see this program is full of non-stop action where friends can be made and memories are built, we look forward to having a great summer.

There is also “Junior Leaders” for children 10 and 11 years of age.

Master’s Program

The Master’s program at Valois pool is designed for adults who would like to improve their strokes and also get in great shape. This program is not competitive and will be adjusted to the needs of every type of swimmer. The Master’s program is a great way to get in shape and to have fun.

Junior Guard

Junior guard is an introduction to lifesaving course in preparation for Bronze Medallion and Cross courses. It takes place twice a week for a one hour period. Candidates enrolled either participate on Monday/Wednesdays or Tuesday/Thursdays. This introductory lifesaving course requires candidates to have passed gold and take place on both land and in water. Some elements that are covered in the Jr. Guard course are CPR, basic first aid, swimming skills and endurance all in order to prepare candidates for the life saving society program.

Please note candidates are not required to complete this course in order to register in the bronze medallion and cross courses but is designed for those who pass the gold level before they turn 13 (the eligibility age for the bronze medallion course).